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hi, my name is fotis manikis. i studied physics which helped me understand one thing. Even the most complicated and difficult problems can be solved by breaking them into little simple particles. currently i work as a web director and i have worked as a senior web developer, software architect , designer and media deputy.


we welcome you to less clouds. we love creating cool stuff. we are inspired by the idea that everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler and as great as it can be, or even greater. we create responsive web interfaces based on the concept that the most important things are the smallest details. we are working on various frameworks or most commonly on our own customised framework. the selection of the technology we will use is a puzzle that is solved based on the requirements of your needs.  
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what we do

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latest projects
web art gallery
art comes in many shapes and forms
This portal is open to public in beta for anyone that wants to share his opinion to what art consists of. Pictures of everyday objects and moments are captured to a screen near you
latest projects
fresh food in old style
we rebranded bebis trying to combine the modern style of its' cuisine along with the nostalgic atmosphere that you can find in this cosy place
latest projects
appliances and more
the first and one of the most complete sites with lots of "inside-information". Everyday's tips for all of us that have to deal with the electrical and electronic appliances in our home, work or on the road.
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